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A Marvelous Trip to Vegas

Who on earth does not wish to go to Las Vegas? No place can be better than Vegas when it comes to having a blast with your friends and party like an animal. Vegas is also known as the Casino heaven because of  thousands of casinos it has.

It was my friend’s bachelor party and we were unable to decide a place until I suggested Vegas. We all were very excited about our friend’s wedding and decided to throw the party for him by pitching in. Since Vegas was my idea and I had already been there, I asked my friends that I will take care of the reservations. I started looking for the tickets for 4 people on different airlines but after seeing the deals offered on Delta Airlines official site, I confirmed four Delta Airlines Bookings

Our experience:

As I had already been to Vegas my friends asked me to help them explore the place. As soon as we landed in Vegas, we headed towards our hotel that was a bed and breakfast place with amazing hospitality. 

Bellagio Casino and Fountain Show:

Our first destination in Vegas was the Bellagio casino and the fountain show. There is much more apart from the fountain show and the casino like a botanical garden, spa, restaurants, salons, and gallery of fine arts. The fountain is the main attraction that will go off after 15 minutes with the music and stunning water display. The brownie point is that this beautiful fountain show is free of cost. 

High Roller Ferris Wheel: 

High Roller Ferris Wheel
High Roller Ferris Wheel

As we all are childhood friends, we wanted to relive our youth moments again for which we headed to the High Roller Ferris Wheel. This ride is 550 ft high that catches the attention of many tourists. It will take approx thirty minutes for one full rotation and give you an amazing view from the top of Vegas. 

The Strip:

The Strip is the answer for all the newbies’ in Vegas as there is nothing that is not present in this three kilometers segment. It is somewhere in the middle of Sin City and is a hub of extravagant resorts, magnificent restaurants, theme squares, and triumphant casinos. We went to the Strip at night and the whole Strip was ornamented with neon signs and yellow lights. We took a long walk through the valley of amusements and stopped at whatever attracted us the most. It was the place to visit in Las Vegas as we had a gala time here and enjoyed ourselves to the fullest.

The Neon Museum:

There are many places to visit in Vegas that will fascinate your mind and heart. But the Neon Museum is a tribute to the city and will captivate your attention. We got to acknowledge a lot about the rich culture of the place.


Our trip included a visit to Hoover Dam, Stratosphere, The Mob Museum, Paris (Las Vegas), Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, along with MGM Grand and CSI. We definitely had the best time in Vegas and will never forget the amazing memories made there. As I was the trip organizer according to my friends, they turned their heads to me on the last day in the hope of the return ticket. I again went to the Delta Airlines official site and made four Delta Airlines Reservations. Thankfully, delta runs good deals almost all times and we got a good deal on our way back too. It was an amazing and comfortable journey with them which ended up being the cherry on top of our trip to Vegas. 

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