a travel trip to Italy

A Rendezvous with the Fashion Capital of the World by the Courtesy of Delta Airlines Reservations

Just like every other person I too had a dream destination until now. I have always wanted to explore the entire Italy. Though I have been to Italy before and had visited Pompeii, Venice, and Rome. I heard a lot about Milan from a friend of mine who told me about the magical city and since then I was wishing to discover it myself.

My dream came true in December last year when I decided to traverse Milan by myself. I wanted my trip to be memorable for which I began my research well in advance so that I do not miss to visit any attraction of Milan. As we all know that the trip starts as soon as we make a reservation because the flight journey also plays a vital role in your tour. I began looking for offers and deals on different airline sites but it was Delta Airlines official site that helped me with easy Delta Airlines booking along with a good deal. 

My experience:

As soon as I landed in Italy I went to my hotel and got ready to explore the city. Surely I was head over heels and couldn’t believe my eyes that I was in the city of fashion. I am a shopaholic and fashion enthusiast, which makes you understand why Milan was my dream destination. 

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele

Shopping had to be on the top of my list once I was in Milan for which I started with the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. I always wondered what makes Milan the fashion capital of the world and all my questions were answered in this mall. You can spot Prada, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Balenciaga and every fashion brand in this one. I returned with my shopping bags full and let’s not lie, pockets quite empty while returning from here. 

La Scala 

La Scala

I had seen this opera house in so many movies that it had to be in my must-visit list in Milan. The Neoclassical style of La Scala woos the hearts of many tourists and the red-golden theater theme pleases everybody’s eyes. 

Leonardo Da Vinci’s Vineyard:

Leonardo Da Vinci’s Vineyard

I am a wine lover and it would have been unfair to my taste buds to not go to the Leonard Da Vinci’s Vineyard for authentic Wines. This place is famous for the presence of Leonardo Da Vinci’s presence in 1482. He was awarded this vineyard as a reward for his fabulous work. Once you taste the wine here you will feel that you have been tasting some berry juice till now as nothing compares to its taste. 


My trip would have been incomplete without pampering my taste buds with the authentic local treats of Italy for which I stepped into Peck. This place is famous for Italian Cuisine that is appreciated by all the gourmands. I would not have done justice if I had skipped on the freshly baked pasta and surely it was delectable. The food and service here are commendable. 

My trip included visiting Santa Maria Delle Grazie, Quadrilatero d’Oro, Sforzesco Castle, Piazza dei Mercanti, Teatro Dal Verme, Corso Como, Castello Sforzesco, and Duomo. 


I must say that nothing compares to my experience of Milan as the city is full of love, warmth, and fashion. You will spot people with a laudable sense of fashion on the streets as well. It is rich in culture and vibrant in heritage that makes it the most visited city of Italy. 

I landed safely with Delta as I had made Delta Airlines reservations for the return as well. My journey with the airline was comfortable, which was much needed after a long vacation.

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