Amazon Customer Service

  • Open Round the Clock (24/7)
  • (5 Minutes Waiting Time)

Amazon customer service. A guide to all the phone services provided by Amazon and how to get in touch with the customer service. If you are seeking help concerning Amazon delivery time, to know the status of an order, Amazon Prime, product return, check for an item availability, special sales week, etc, please contact the numbers mentioned below as per the services required. You can also get connected with the Amazon customer service and get help via Twitter by using @AmazonHelp., available 24x7 and support are available in English, Deutsch, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Italian and French.


List Of Amazon Customer Service Number

  • Amazon Account Related Issue Customer Service 1-888-282-2406
  • Amazon Canadian Consumer Number 1-877-586-3230
  • Amazon Kindle Help Number 1-866-321-8851
  • Amazon Customer Helpline Number 1-888-280-3321
  • Amazon Prime Member Customer Service 1-866-216-1072

List Of Amazon International Customer Service Details

  • Amazon U.K. Customer Service 1-870-280-2518
  • Amazon Europe Number 1-800-496-1081
  • Amazon Australia Customer Number 1-206-266-2992