An Unforgettable Jaunt to Maldives

It is a myth that Maldives is the perfect destination only for the honeymooners. Actually, it is a heavenly destination for everyone as the extravagant bungalows spreading over the aqua-blue water will tempt you to dive for a relaxing swim. Me and my friends have been planning for a girls’ trip for long and were able to pull it off last month. I must declare that it was a lifetime experience as we had a fascinating time there. Our trip started with a comfortable flight that we had booked on the Delta Airlines official site. We were able to seize an amazing offer as we made Delta Airlines Reservations along with the return tickets for all. It almost resulted in two free tickets on making Delta airlines booking for the return as well. 

Our Experience:

As soon as we were in Maldives, we went to our overwater bungalow which was breathtaking. No lavish hotel in the plains can give you the experience of the overwater bungalows. We were all set for the exciting water activities as there were plenty of water fun options in Maldives. 

Fun Tubing

Fun Tubing in maldives

We are a gang of fun-loving girls so we decided not to miss any crazy activity. Unlike all the honeymoon couples we were here to laugh our hearts out, gain new experiences, have fun and for that, we were seeking some adventure. This activity was an eight-minute laughter therapy and screaming with joy. 


Parasailing in Maldives

When we headed for this activity we were all excited but once we were at the spot, we were afraid of the height and started giving second thoughts to the idea. But one of our friends pumped up all of us and we went for it. I must say it was breath-taking but all worth it at the same time. Once you are up in the sky, the first ten minutes will put in doubt but then you will get the hang of it and feel free like a bird. It is a must-try activity but do not forget to take deep breathes and enjoy the view of Maldives from the top.  


Diving in maldives

The trip would have been incomplete without going for diving in Maldives. We went with professional trainers and under their guidance; we were able to gain the experience to the fullest. They told us that the key to dive perfectly was taking slow breaths and stay calm in the water or else it will become a spoiler. We spotted eagle rays, sharks, and many other species under the water. 

Surfing and SUP

Surfing and SUP

We could spot people in a huge number going for surfing as the smooth waves of Maldives are best for surfing. My friends went for it as they were confident enough about the activity but chose not to and rather went for SUP. I feel surfing is for more advanced people and I had no guts to do that alone but I did make some boomerangs of my friends. I found SUP was the best one if somebody is seeking fun in a relaxed manner. I was paddling and spotting beautiful fishes at the same time. 


Food in maldives

If you wish to know the culture of any place then you must ditch ordering burgers and fries and rather ask for the local dishes. That’s what we did and gorged on the Mas Huni, Masroshi, Gulha, Reef Fish cutlets, and, many other dishes. The only negative point here was that getting your hands on alcohol is not an easy task here. You will have to keep asking locals and know where you can get it easily. 


We will never forget this momentous trip and plan another one definitely. A relaxing flight was the last thing that we wished for after the fatiguing journey. It was a good decision of making Delta Airlines Reservations as they gave a commendable service. 

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