Apple Customer Service Number

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Apple Customer Service. Find all the information regarding Apple’s Customer Service organization from the list mentioned below such as Apple’s contact phone number, their social media platforms, direct links to their support website, what to do when dialing their support numbers and live chat. If you are just looking for How-to-do solutions, you can get help via Twitter by using @AppleSupport. For any other information about Apple’s technical support, sales team support, customer service support, dial the numbers mentioned below


List Of Apple Customer Service Number

  • Customer Service Number 1-800-692-7753
  • Other Customer Service Phone Number 1-800-676-2775
  • Sales Tech Support Number 1-800 92 38 98
  • Technical Helpline Support Phone Number 1-800 80 40 62

List Of International Apple Customer Service Number

  • US Apple Customer Service Phone Number 1-800-275-2273
  • Canada Apple Customer Helpline Number 1-800-263-3394
  • Brazil Apple Consumer Service Phone Number 0800-761-0880
  • Mexico Apple Customer Service Phone Number 001-866-676-5682
  • Austria Apple Customer Help Number 0800-220325
  • Greece Apple Support Phone Number 00800-4414-5417
  • Portugal Apple Customer Support Number 800207983
  • Belgium Apple Customer Helpline Phone Number 0800-80-404
  • Hungary Apple Customer Service 06-80-983-435
  • Romania Apple Customer Service Number 0800-894847
  • Bulgaria Apple Customer Service Helpline 00800-6002-7753
  • Ireland Apple Customer Service Support 1800-804-062
  • Russia Apple Customer Service Phone Number 8-800-555-6734
  • Croatia Apple Helpline Service Number 0800-222-427
  • Italy Apple Customer Service Number 800915904
  • Slovakia Apple Support Number 0800-004640
  • Cyprus Apple Helpline Number 800 92433
  • Latvia Apple Customer Support Phone Number 800-03251
  • Slovenia Apple Help Service Number 0800-80321
  • Czech Republic Apple Support Number800-700527
  • Liechtenstein Apple Support Phone Number0800-00-1853
  • Spain Apple Customer Service Phone Number900812703
  • Denmark Apple Technical Support Phone Number80249625
  • Lithuania Apple Customer Service Number(8-800)-30772
  • Sweden Apple Tech Service Number020-100-529
  • International Advance Booking Number1-800-241-4141
  • Estonia Apple Customer Support Phone Number8000-044333
  • Luxembourg Apple Technical Service Phone Number800-24550
  • Switzerland Apple Customer Service Phone Number0800-00-1853
  • Finland Apple Tech Support0800-96372
  • Malta Apple Helpline Phone Number800-62072
  • Turkey Apple Service Phone Number800448829878
  • France Apple Tech Service Number0805-540-003
  • Netherlands Apple Technical Support Number0800-0201581
  • UK Apple Customer Service Phone Number0-80-0107-6285
  • Germany Apple Customer Service Number0800-6645-451
  • Poland Apple Help Service Number00800-4411875

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