The phone number of Avast Antivirus Customer Service 1844-340-9251. The contact number is a toll-free phone number however the support that Avast Antivirus customer service provides is a paid support for both software and hardware related problems. They offer three service plans for every customer and they are 1) Simple Fix, a one time call for one device 2) Complex Fix, one time call for one device, and 3) Total Care, unlimited calls for three devices. The pricing starts at $79 per call to $199/ year. For more information on the various services available on the plans, visit the official website.

Avast Antivirus software is one of the modern programs to counter cyber attacks, virus infections and other kinds of potential threats that threaten to compromise the security and functioning of computer machines. Avast Support is the customer support service provider for different kinds of issues relating to the use of the program. One can reach out to Avast Support by dialing 1-800-289-5502.

Avast Customer Service Number 1-800-289-5502

While Avast is one of the antivirus applications for computers and other devices that work efficiently without any glitch for most of the time. However, it is not above issues. When users come across issues related to the use of the software, the first thing to cross their mind is to get in touch with Avast certified technicians via Avast Customer Service.

Now, here comes a question. Why should you make a call on the number of our Avast Customer Support when there are other providers in the market? Our technicians know what quality of service clients expect when they ring up on the Avast Customer Support of any of the providers in the market.

Avast Customer Service Phone Number 1-800-289-5502

On Avast Phone Number, we have a team of technicians who are happy to help our clients with a wide range of issues relating to the use of the software so they can continue using it for the sake of the safety of their devices. Whether you have an issue with the software or a query about one of its aspects, you will find comprehensive solutions by dialling our Avast Phone Number.

The best part about our Avast Customer Support Phone Number is that it is at your service 24×7. What this means is that you can get in touch with us via our Avast Customer Support Phone Number at a time of your choice.

Avast Customer Service Number 1-800-289-5502

Reaching out to us via our Avast Customer Service Number is your best bet to find solutions to all issues that relate to the use of the Avast Antivirus software. While our technicians are adept at addressing all kinds of technical problems that one can associate with the program, here is a list of some common issues that our technicians generally deal with.

  • Problems in the installation of Avast Antivirus program
  • Technical glitches in the uninstallation of the program
  • Slow performance of a computer system after the installation of Avast program
  • Error in configuration or problems with the compatibility of Avast antivirus software at the time of installation
  • Failure of Avast in detecting viruses and other potentially harmful programs
  • Flaws in scanning the files in a computer using the program

The aforementioned issues are just for the sake of the understanding of our clients. There are other issues for which we also provide our technical services on our Avast Customer Service Number.

Get in Touch with Us on Our Avast Customer Service Phone Number for reliable solutions to Avast Issues

Keeping in mind the importance of the functions that Antivirus software generally performs on a computer, it is important to resolve any potential or existing issue with it as and when it comes to light. The same holds true for your Avast product. Avast Customer Service Phone Number is your ultimate solution to keep your antivirus software in working condition.

Do not wrestle silently with various issues relating to the use of your Avast product. Let our technicians at Avast Antivirus Support help you out with the issues relating to the product.What are you waiting for? Get in touch with Avast customer service now!

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