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Book Japan Airlines Reservation During Covid-19

There is no doubt that travel has changed very significantly in the past few months due to Covid-19. And just a couple of weeks ago, I had a rare chance to travel internationally from Bangkok to Dallas, through Tokyo Haneda airport on Japan Airlines business class. So, let me share those experiences with you so that you will know how travel during Covid-19 is like.

Let’s start by sharing each and every detail to help you more!!

How I Book My Japan Airlines Reservation?

Yes, you can visit the official website of Japan Airlines to book the tickets. However, to get better and easy service, you can call them up on Japan Airlines Booking Number and the customer executive will find the best flight for you. I used this toll-free number (+1-844-915-2138) to book my Japan Airlines Reservations. And, trust me the agent guided me with the best possible solution. The best part is they also offer discounts and great deals on tickets. You can also dial this Japan Airlines Customer service number for all the queries related to your bookings including flight status, flight cancellation, Japan Airlines Baggage enquiry, etc.

So in the future, if you are looking for Japan Airlines Reservations, you just need to dial this toll-free Japan Airlines Booking Number (+1-844-915-2138).

How My Travelling Starts!!

Check-in Information

I first walked into the check in area. I didn’t expect a lot of people in the business class line, but they were actually in the general line. A few people waiting in line to be checked in for the business class. And the first class lines were empty. Thankfully, I was lucky, I didn’t have to wait. The fast track immigration only took just a couple of minutes since there was no one there.

When I got through the secured area, it was pretty empty and the flight board was surreal. Usually the area is bustling super busy, but due to Covid, there is really no one.


During these Covid times, if you travel through Japan Airlines, you find Japan Airlines lounge open. As I reached the airport early, I decided to rest in the lounge for a while. Inside the Japan airlines lounge, there were only two other passengers. The lounge was also empty. There were limited drinks and food options available. They are following all the safety guidelines and the lounge is totally safe to rest in for a while. A lot of the duty-free shops were closed. There were a few open, but again, 90% of the people I saw there were staff and employees working, not a whole lot of passengers shopping.

In-Flight Service

The seats in the business class of Japan Airlines are very spacious and comfortable. It has a lot of storage with a lot of wooden elements. It feels very Japanese and very relaxing. It has a 23-inch screen on which you can watch your favorite shows and movies. All the passengers got stuff to use during the flight including an immunity kit, a blanket, a pair of noise-canceling headphones, and a pair of slippers.

One thing that caught my attention is the tray table which sits pretty further away from your seat. But you can slide over to your seat if you want.


The food and drink options have been impacted by the COVID-19, But not that much. One thing you definitely noticed, however, is that every dish will be served covered by a plastic cover or a plastic sheet to protect the food from germs. The drinks though are just served normal. The food on the flight was pretty yummy and I enjoyed it a lot.

After Flight

When I arrived, immigration literally took me two minutes, obviously because of COVID-19 there was no one in the queue. It helped though that I got global entry walking out into the international arrivals section waiting area.

It definitely was not as crowded as normal. But it was a new experience or I say a new normal experience!!

To sum up my trip, it was definitely different than any other trip I’ve taken before. I have never seen airports so empty flight boards with 95 percent of the flights canceled. All the policy changes like you need to cover your face with a mask on the plane and everywhere in the airport, the airlines will serve you dishes covered with plastics. So it was a different experience this time but I enjoyed this trip a lot.

On the other hand, though, it feels like the service was more personalized as in you’re better-taken care of since there are fewer passengers on the flight and in the lounge. So that’s one good thing, but in the end, I just can’t wait for the pandemic to be over and everyone is free to roam around or nationally.

Again, I can’t wait for the airports to be busy, again, as silly as that sounds!!

Lastly, I do recommend in case of any query or problems, contact them using Japan Airlines Customer Service Number. The number is 24*7 active so feel free to dial at any time anywhere.

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