The Phone number of Directv Customer Service is 1800-288-2020. The toll-free number is the same for Directv Customer service and Directv technical support, however, the business hours are different. The Directv Customer service is available from 8:00 am to Midnight (EST) and the Directv technical support is available 24x7. The services that are offered when you contact the Directv Customer Service are signing up for Directv online service, programming the remote control, make payments online, installation guidance, find a payment location or for services in the Spanish language. To know more, you can visit Directv customer service on Twitter and check out the latest offers and services provided.

DirecTV is the number one American broadcast satellite service provider within the United States. DirecTV customer service provides best live streaming services all across the world, assuring no disturbances in between the streaming process.

Live streaming or online streaming is nowadays preferred by almost everyone around the world. DirecTV has been considered by many people who are interested in live streaming videos or shows.

Direct TV which was founded in the year of 1994 and is now rapidly growing in the field of satellite television packages. Today, the whole world is now watching television with a set-top box or cable box, which is why DirecTV has now enabled services of cable box all around the globe.

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Call Now: 1-888-731-0904

In case of any connection issues, DirecTV customer service is available for all the customers, providing assured service for recovering the connections. You can contact DirecTV customer service through the phone numbers which is 1-888-731-0904

Nobody wants interruptions and buffering during the live streaming on direct TV, but even if you got any kind of problem with your set-top box or cable box, then you can contact through DirecTV customer service number.

Not only for the connectivity issues DirecTV provides services but if you want to install cable box of DirecTV then you can contact DirecTV phone number and get access to all the streaming videos of DirecTV and enjoy their uninterrupted services. 

There can be various problems which is completely natural. Issues with the cable box, attenuation problem, or any other live television buffering problems all can be taken care by the professionals working with DirecTV. Now you don’t need to worry about facing such challenges alone, DirecTV helps there customer by providing constant servicing through DirecTV customer service phone number, or you can chat through emails too.

Call Now: 1-888-731-0904

The customer service DirecTV phone number 1-888-731-0904 through which you can share any of your live streaming problems directly is 888-238-3712. You can also contact DirecTV customer service through the toll-free number 1-888-731-0904. Talk about the issues freely and enjoy the best customer services. Helping the customers is the most important agenda of DirecTV, they provide another DirecTV customer service number which is 888-715-3291, and with the help of this number you can get the best service from the concerned firm. This is also a toll-free number, so you need not worry about any extra charges. Direct TV customer service phone number lets you enjoy the best customer service from direct TV.

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  • Cathy Nicewander says:

    My tele ph. is 928-342-**** since last wednesday 2 of my direct tv cables are saying “No satelight please try cable connection. I have disconected it here in the house several times and reconnected it but it does not fix it. My Main one in the living room is fine but in the bed rooms are saying check the cable conection. Please help me. I have been a direct tv customer for the last 10 years and I’m getting frustrated..please call I have tried calling you twice and Once I was on the phone for over 120 minutes waiting. I understand you are swamped but can someone help?

  • Eileen Baker says:

    We need a new box. We have refreshed, reset, restarted. Nothing works. We have called the customer service phone number and held one day for 1 1/2 hours, the next day for 2 hours. No one answered.

  • main TV and box working fine, but the other one in the bedroom just quit. The lights are on but nothing working. I have reset the main unit and the bedroom unit a couple times and nothing changes. What do I need to do???

  • David A. Raynes says:

    While I was working around my house, I accidently dropped my remote control to my television set in a pan of water—the remote control no longer works—I need a replacement

  • Joan Anderson Acct#0034558380 says:

    I need to confirm you are still affilated with Centurylink. I called them to discuss my billing for my Directv bill and they directed me to Dish Network, after talking with a customer service that I thought I was speaking to Directv customer service. Now I being told that is not the case, I’m charged a early cancellation fee. I do not understand why I was transferred to Dish by a (Centurylink) company you do busy with. I would like my fees for early cancellation removed from my bill immediately. Why would I be transferred to a Dish Network Customer Service by a company you were affiliated with? I also felt I was dealing with someone that was affiliated with Centurylink, Directv & Dish? Thank you for looking into this matter for me.

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