Phone Number Of Enterprise Rent-A-Car Is 1 (855) 266-9565. Information concerning the contact numbers of Enterprise Rent-A-Car customer service regional and how to contact them are mentioned below. Get help and support for all the services that Enterprise Rent-A-Car provides such as advance reservation, availability, car rentals, pricing for booking, etc. If you have any other questions or concerns with Enterprise Rent-A-Car Customer Service then you can get assistance via Twitter by using @enterprisecares. The Twitter customer service is available 7 days a week from 6 am - 10 pm (CST) to answer all your questions and address any of your concerns.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car Customer Service Phone Number

  • Enterprise Car Rental Reservations Phone Number855-266-9289
  • Enterprise Spanish Customer Service Phone Number877-416-0000
  • Enterprise Customer Service for Users of TTY devices866-534-9270
  • Enterprise Customer Service Phone Number855-266-9565
  • Enterprise Roadside Emergency Phone Number800-307-6666
  • Enterprise Plus Member Customer Service Number866-507-6222
  • Enterprise Customers with Disabilities Helpline Number866-225-4284
  • Enterprise Business Car Rentals Phone Number877-881-5500
  • Enterprise Car Sale Support Number888-227-7253
  • Enterprise Customer Service for Truck Rental888-736-8287
  • Enterprise Customer Service for Fleet Management877-233-5338
  • Enterprise Maintenance Program Customer Service 800-325-8838
  • Enterprise Direct Dealer Program Customer Service888-480-3722
  • Enterprise Advance Booking Helpline Number800-261-7331
  • Enterprise Customer Helpline866-674-6222


Enterprise Rent-A-Car Headquarters


    • Enterprise Rent-A-Car
      600 Corporate Park Drive
      St. Louis, MO 63105


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  • To: CEO Pamela Nicholson

    Please be advised that I’m writing this letter in regards to a rental car that was given to me by your your Bowie office in Maryland.

    To my dismay the car that was rented to me was not registered I parked it on the street of manhattan and it was confiscated because it was not registered and it was towed away.
    I work 12 hour shift and was unable to go to work because I felt obligated to find out what happened to the car after hours of searching I was told the car was not stolen it was in-fact towed because of outdated registration.

    If I was driving the vehicle I would have been arrested on the spot.

    I went down to the area where the car was being held and obtained my belongings and was told it was against the law for a rental company to give a customer a un registered car…
    I lost a days pay of $600.00 and was given tickets…

    To date I have been proactive with trying to resolve this issue, but to my avail I’ve been getting the run around..
    Following this letter will be 10 other emails I’ve sent out.

    Please help..

  • Anaalicia Kellam says:

    Good day,

    On Friday, January 3rd I rented a vehicle from Enterprise. The store closed @ 6pm I made it there 8 minutes prior to closing hours as per my online reservation. I was quoted a price of $198+ for the rental with a $200 deposit fee. However, I was advised that so long as the vehicle was returned on Sunday by 11am I would be refunded back $300.
    Therefore, my fiancee and I arrived 5 mins till 11am, along with several other customers awaiting the store to be opened. The store opened at 10:59am I walked into the store at that time. Your male associate was happy to help. However he purposely drove around the store’s parking lott causing more time to pass prior to the vehicle being checked in. Then when we advised him that the female associate I spoke with Friday advised I would get back $300 instead of $200 he was like “oh yeah I forgot I seen that notation on the account.”
    Later this afternoon, Sunday, January 5th, I received a call that I missed from another one of your female associates advising me that I would be getting $200 refunded back & NOT $300 because the keys weren’t in the drop box. That is complete crap & an utter bate & switch from what I was told. I feel like your male associate purposely stretched out the check in process knowing I would be cheated out of an extra $100 due to him maliciously wasting 7 minutes.
    At this moment in time due to the callous nature of the way this transaction was processes I WILL NOT ever be renting from Enterprise ever again. I’d rather pay the higher rental fees instead of getting con out of my money when I did the right thing. This was truly a horrible customer service experience. I will posting posting this review on every single social media site I can find alerting the next customer of this running con with your company.

    No thank you,

    Anaalicia D. Kellam
    2302 E. William Cannon Drive #325
    Austin, Texas, 78744
    (512) 783-9534 (c)

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