Phone Number Of Equifax Is 1 (888) 548-7878. Get full detail information about the various services that Equifax provides. Find the correct customer service phone number to get in touch with by dialing the numbers listed below. Get connected with Equifax customer service to know about credit reports, identity theft, inquiries, credit monitoring etc.. You can also get connected with the Equifax customer care and get help via Twitter by using @AskEquifax who are available 24/7 to get more information on Equifax cyber security incident

Equifax Customer Service Phone Number

  • Equifax General Information Customer Service Phone Number888-548-7878
  • Equifax TrustedID Premier Customer Service Number888-548-7878
  • Equifax Sign Up or Lock & Alert Support Number888-548-7878
  • Cancelling Equifax Products Customer Service Number866-640-2273
  • Equifax Security Freeze Support Phone Number888-298-0045
  • Equifax Report a Fraud Alert on Credit Helpline866-349-5191
  • Equifax Credit Report Request Support Number866-349-5191
  • Equifax Dispute on Credit Report Customer Service Number866-349-5191
  • Equifax Opting Out Mail List Service Number888-567-8688
  • Cancel Equifax Customer Service Number866-243-8181
  • Equifax Customer Service Number866-640-2273
  • Equifax Security Customer Service Number888-298-0045
  • Equifax Customer Helpline800-203-7843
  • Equifax Customer Service Number (Canada)866-204-9044
  • Equifax Report A Fraud Customer Service Number888-766-0008
  • Equifax Report For Security Breach Phone Number800-525-6285
  • Equifax Customer Helpline Number866-373-9872
  • Equifax CSC Credit Service Phone Number800-555-4544
  • Equifax Customer Service Number866-369-9152
  • Equifax Helpline Number877-784-2528
  • Equifax Service For Business Account Helpline800-202-4025
  • Equifax Customer Service For Dispute (Fax)888-826-0549
  • Equifax Information Service Phone Number866-229-7861
  • Equifax Help Service Number800-685-5000


Equifax Headquarters


    • Equifax
      1550 Peachtree St. & One Atlantic Center,
      Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.


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  • Tommilynn K Vida says:

    Hi, since I’ve been seeing your ad in my mail,I just want to thank you, Then there’s is a few things I don’t really understand, until I speak to you tomorrow.

  • Cara Maschmeier says:

    I just tried to report suspicious credit check on my Equifax report. The individual who returned my call asked me repeated questions about activity so far back that I no longer have any recollection of it. There were so MANY questions that it was frustrating and impossible to complete on the phone without having computer access just so I could see what was on my report. I do not recommend calling; if at all possible, submit online or not at all. This process is far too complicated and not at all user friendly.

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