Main Customer Support1-866-307-5595 Customer Service Number1-800-397-3342 Phone Number Of Expedia is +1-844-913-1680. Information concerning the contact numbers of Expedia customer service and how to contact them are mentioned below. Get help and support for the various services that Expedia provides such as flight ticket bookings, hotel reservations, car- rentals, payments issues, vacation packages, etc. If you have any other questions or concerns with Expedia then you can get assistance via Twitter by using @Expedia. Direct message the customer service on Twitter to get assistance and the customer service team is available from 5 am - 10 pm (PT) 24x7.

Call Expedia for Cheap Airlines Tickets & Vacation Packages

Are you a travel buff? But having issues with your travel with Expedia travel services? Do not worry; the all-time Expedia customer service will help you with any problem. The executives are available round the clock for your solving your query. Expedia is a premier tourist brand name which offers online travel services. Clients have been using Expedia for their various travel bookings and hotel selections along with travel itineraries. You can get hold of Expedia customer service number and talk to the experts for any issue or query. We will be happy to help you. It does not matter if the business hours are over, our services open all throughout the day.

If you want to travel to any place, then come to Expedia for the best online services and offers and in case you want to inquire personally, then call us at the Expedia phone number. We will be glad to guide you through all the necessary details so that you can have a hassle-free tour with Expedia. We have an experienced agency of skilled professionals who are ready to serve you at the very moment you need us. Just pick up the phone and make a call at Expedia customer service phone number. For any information on flight bookings, hotel bookings or cancellation feel free to contact us.

Have a Look at the Services of Expedia It offers various types of services to its customers. The services include online ticket booking, hotel bookings, renting car services, regular services for instant travel listings and so on. In addition, there are few other facilities which are offered by Expedia to its valued customers is the online cruise ship liners. People can also book a cruise through Expedia with great deals and offers, in case you want to know more about the cruise ship line service, then reach to the executives at Expedia contact number and you will be provided with all the relevant information about it.

Operational Areas of Expedia- Call Expedia Customer Service Phone Number +1-866-326-2636

As you all are aware of the functions and operations of Expedia, you must know how wide the network of the business is. It has established itself as a leading organization who offers travel services to the people. It has its headquarters in the United State of America. Moreover, it operates in more than sixty nations that include France, Germany, Spain, the United Kingdom, Canada, and New Zealand and so on. With such a huge network of operations, Expedia has been offering superior travel services to people all around the world. For more information, you can contact Expedia phone number USA and talk to the executives. They are available throughout the day and you will never be disappointed.

Expedia Customer Service Number For any information you need regarding Expedia customer care services, you can directly contact us through the Expedia com phone number. Today, online customers have increased and that is the reason the customer care services have also been tactfully managed to meet the daily inquiry requirements.

Expedia Flight Booking Customer ServiceFor explicit information regarding flight booking, you can either log into our website or contact at the Expedia 1800 number. As our network is spread across the world, you can also get in touch with the executives via Expedia customer service phone number Canada. Any query before and after bookings are entertained with utmost sincerity and there is no place we give our customers to go back with disappointment.  

Expedia Hotel Booking Customer Service for explicit hotel bookings, you can contact the Expedia contact number. This will help you to get in touch with the service executives who deal with hotel bookings and any problem related to room reservation and cancellation.

Reach the Executives of Expedia to Get the Best in Class Assistance

Our customers are our priority and we do not keep any stone unturned to help them in their hour of need. If you happen to face any issues with your travel bookings through Expedia, then feel free to call us at Expedia toll-free number. If you get the phone lines busy, you can also drop us a mail at our Expedia customer service email ID and our executives will get back to you within one working day. You can write about the issues in detail and we will look into the matter closely.

How can I call Expedia customer service?

If you are unable to reach us via calls, then you can also chat with us on our live chat portal in the website. We offer problem specific solutions for the customers. You can follow Expedia on social media platform so as to get information easily regarding all your travel pursuits. Our service providers are happy to help you at any hour of time. Reach us at Expedia customer phone number and fix all your issues under one roof.

List Of Expedia Customer Service Phone Number

  • Main Customer Support 1-866-307-5595
  • Expedia Customer Service Number +1-866-326-2636

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0 thoughts on “Expedia Customer Service

  • hello
    I booked an hotel in Cyprus from 30.6 to 1.7.
    The itineraty no. is 7446050922035.
    I have to cuncel it. Please help mm

  • Telic Shannon says:

    these people they have answering their phones are so freaking rude they have hung up on me twice and I’ve asked them who do I contact since I went through them to book a car a vehicle and they charged me twice for vehicle that was not the price that they had sent to my email so I would not ever in this lifetime book anything through them ever again and I advise you not to

  • Marion G. Helms says:

    I am online for Expedia Customer Service and it shows 4 different phone numbers all of which are for a travel agency!! I ask for help and every call (4) they hung up on me! That is damn rude and even if I get my money back I WILL NEVER USE EXPEDIA AGAIN!

  • I had made a hotel reservation from your site. The money has already taking out of my account. But im canceling the reservation please refund me my money.

  • Walter Cannon says:

    I have called Expedia under every number I can find. I have been put on hold for excessively long periods to only be hung up on. B4 I could even tell em why I was calling, I also have been hung up on multiple times when I’ve asked what travel agency this is. My issues could be easily worked just by speaking with some one. I will never use this organization or any of the smaller travel companies they own …….do your research, see how many smaller travel sites they own. At this point I just hope a class action suit is filed and I will join it. My last statement (Expedia -your customer service and relations are absolutely horrendous.


  • I book a fight through Expedia and I want to determine how to get a seat before the flight. I called JetBlue to determine how to do that but I wasn’t helped because I booked the flight through Expedia. I called support to ask how can I get a seat assignment but as soon as opened my mouth to tell why I was calling they hung up on me. If I knew your service was like that I would have book my flight through another vendor or through JetBlue it self. The only reason I contact you guys to find a seat was because JetBlue wouldn’t allow it because booking through you guys. The reason wS the first flight I took was almost full and I was told I can only get a emergency seat assignment. However, they found me a good seat. I don’t want to wait until I go back to New York to get a seat assignment,
    This will be my last time dealing with Expedia because you don’t treat your customers right, I will tell everyone I know not. Use you guys because it very bad to hang up on someone.

  • I’m having a problem redeeming my credit I booked the same hotel so that I wouldn’t have a problem an my charge card was charged instead of my credit being applied please contact me in regards to this situation

  • Marvin G. Padagdag says:

    Bok no. 7553549790738
    Need to cancel urgently as Hotel confirms No Available Room on book dates 10 to 23 Oct.2020
    Kindly arrange refund on this matter urgently

    awaiting your prompt response

  • Cristina Maldonado says:

    Estoy llamando pero dicen que por motivos técnicos no contestan, pero yo necesito reservar hotel, porque el que tenia ya no tiene. Pero me da la opción de usarlo en otro hotel, no sé cómo se hace, por favor ayúdenme 😩

  • Porque los directivos de Expedia, no leen los comentarios negativos y tratan de resolverlos, esta es mi primera experiencia con ustedes Y MALDIGO LA HORA EN QUE RESERVE CON USTEDES, si me pongo a enumerar las malas atenciones recibidas no me alcanza el día, todos los teléfonos de atención al clientes los operadores, no tienen la más mínima ética profesional, espero por el bien de la compañía tomen acción y se pongan al lado de los usuarios.
    Al igual que los operadores del Grupo Hotelero Royalton Punta Cana.
    Mi nombre es José Escarret Blanco
    Teléfono 502 994 6330. ESTADOS UNIDOS DE AMÉRICA.

  • I purchased a ticket to fly out 9/1/20. I cancelled the flight 8/23/20 I have the email confirmation. I have a credit of of 48.20 and I am now trying to use it. I’ve been given a hard time all morning. I’ve been told I used the flight to travel in that day. How??? I cancelled the flight prior. Also, I have a online a count that shows I have a credit. I believe Expedia is trying to keep my 48.20. It’s not a lot of money, but it’s my money. I# 7540406675664. Someone needs to call me. I will continue to complain of any site I can. I have been conveniently hung up on 3 times today 12/18//20

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