Expedia Customer Service (877) 227-7481

  • Open Round the Clock (24/7)
  • (5 Minutes Waiting Time)

Phone Number Of Expedia is (877) 227-7481. Information concerning the contact numbers of Expedia customer service and how to contact them are mentioned below. Get help and support for the various services that Expedia provides such as flight ticket bookings, hotel reservations, car- rentals, payments issues, vacation packages, etc. If you have any other questions or concerns with Expedia then you can get assistance via Twitter by using @Expedia. Direct message the customer service on Twitter to get assistance and the customer service team is available from 5 am - 10 pm (PT) 24x7.


Expedia Customer Service Phone Numbers

  • Main Customer Support 1-866-307-5595
  • Customers Outside The US, 1-404-728-8787
  • Customers Inside The US, 1-800-319-4834
  • Customer Service Number 1-800-397-3342

    Expedia Custom Service Contact Information

  • Contact Form
  • FAQ
  • Expedia Corporate Address

  • Expedia, Inc. 333 108th Ave NE Bellevue, WA 98004

1 thought on “Expedia Customer Service (877) 227-7481

  1. Cameron says:

    I want to know where I can log a complaint about double flight ticket charges. I booked a 5 person air ticket reservation from expedia.com and while trying to book the tickets, an error popped up so I made the reservations again. After i tried the second time, the ticket booking was confirmed but later to know that i received two different email confirming the flight tickets booked. So Expedia booked 5 extra air tickets and i want to know from where i can cancel these extra tickets. I live outside the US and when i call the Expedia customer service number outside the US there is no dial tone but the line automatically disconnects by itself. What should i do? Please help me

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