If you wish to speak to Flair Airline booking then you can call them on +1-844-915-2138. This booking number is available 24*7 and is toll-free for the customer’s benefit. You can also reach out to them in case of emergencies. Flair is one of the only few airlines which entertain emergency requests on their customer service number and this is just to please its customers.

The Flair Airlines booking number is +1-844-915-2138. Any information regarding reservation policy can be accessed through this number. You can book the ticket directly from +1-844-915-2138 or you can also visit the company website to do the same. You can make use of the latest offers and discounts that are available through the number that is mentioned above.

Flair Airlines Baggage Policy and Number

The baggage policy followed by Flair airlines is given below, for further information you can call on +1-844-915-2138.

  • Bag should be able to fit in the under seat storage.
  • 10 kg is the maximum limit for carry-on.
  • Animals and pets are not allowed
  • Check website for latest pricing

As these charges are only indicative, its is advised to call on +1-844-915-2138 before making a final decision.

Flair Airlines Cancellation Policy and Contact Number

For information regarding the cancellation policy by the Flair Airlines you can reach out to them on +1-844-915-2138. In short, the policy is that any ticket can be cancelled within 24 hours of booking and if you have crossed that time limit then you might not receive a full refund. You might not get a refund but you can get your flight rescheduled.

Flair Airlines Review

Flair Airlines Booking Number(802)231-1806
Flair Airlines Baggage Number204-285-0844
Flair Airlines Phone Number(802)231-1806
Flair Airlines Cancellation Number204-285-0844
Flair Airlines Fleet size8
Flair Airlines Destinations15 (as of February 2019)
Flair Airlines HeadquartersKelowna, British Columbia, Canada
Flair Airlines Key peopleJim Scott, president/CEO, David M. Tait, Executive Chairman

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