The phone number of FPL customer service is 1888-988-8249. Concerns regarding bill payments, unable to pay the bill online, power outage, power leaks etc, call the FPL customer service phone number and the lines are open 7:30 am - 7:30 pm Monday to Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm Saturday. If you are looking for an online solution, visit the FPL contact us section and select the category you are facing the issue with. When you go through the answers provided by the FPL customer service and you are unable to find the correct answer to your problems. Go to the option, I have a different issue and click on continue. You will be provided an FPL customer service number as per the issue you are facing with.

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  • NEAL KHEIN JR says:

    The service line from the pole to my house is dangerously close to branches from a travelling palm tree. It is too close for me to attempt to cut it. Do you have people that would come out and trim it out for me?

  • How do we get a shade installed on a street light that shines extremely brightly and directly into my home and my neighbor’s home? The shade will direct light toward the street rather than in our homes.

  • We did not know when we bought our home two years ago that the street light across the street shines directly into my patio and into our home. We’ve tried living with it but it has become unbearable. We called Palm Beach County thinking they could help me with this since we thought they maintained the roads in my neighborhood. Tammy with the Engineering department there confirmed that the County does not maintain the roads in here or street lights and referred me to FPL. Our homeowner’s association claims they cannot help either. Tammy at the County said we should take a photo of the light and send it to you to request a shade installation so that the light shines on the street, not in our homes. She said this is done all the time in residential areas to avoid lights shining into homes. 

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