Phone Number Of Hertz Rent-a-Car Is 1 (800) 654-4173. Information concerning the contact numbers of Hertz Rental customer service and how to contact them are mentioned below. Get help and support for all the services that Hertz Rental provides such as car rentals reservation, gold membership subscription, various deals and discounts, travel partners with Hertz Rental, lost and found and claims for emergency or report for accidents.

List Of Other Hertz Rent A Car Customer Service Phone Number

  • Hertz Rent A Car Reservations Customer Service1-800-704-4473
  • Hertz Rent A Car International Car Rentals Phone Number1-800-654-3001
  • Call For Emergency Road Accident Help1-800-654-5060
  • Hearing-Impaired Customer Service Number1-800-654-2280

Other Contact Numbers

  • Hertz Gold Plus Service1- 888-999-4900
  • Rental Extension Customer Service1-800-654-4174
  • Contact Details For Toll, Traffic & Parking Violation1-877-977-5771
  • Customer Service For Toll Charge Information1-877-411-4300
  • Hertz Helpline Contact Number1-877-826-8782
  • Advance Reservation Customer Service1-800-654-3131


The Hertz Corporation Headquarters


    • The Hertz Corporation
      Estero, Florida,
      United States


One thought on “Hertz Customer Service 1 (800) 654-4173

  • carol hiegelsberger says:

    Hertz Rental Agreement No. J03124354D9
    Carol Hiegelsberger, Hertz #1 Gold Club Gold No. 43413375
    Pickup June 25, 2019 Quad City Airport; Drop Off July 8, 2019 O’hare Intl. Chicago, Illinois

    Dear Sir or Madam,
    For the above rental, an American Express card (2925) listed on my rental was charged for $481.99. Upon my return back to Europe, where I am currently stationed, my husband informed me that he had cancelled an American Express card and when we discovered this, I called Hertz on around June 17, 2019. I advised the clerk on the phone if she could please place the charge on a Master Card instead of charging the American Express card. She informed me she would do so and that would not be a problem.

    Today, August 8, I spent over 30 minutes on a long distance call to Hertz to explain my dilema to several people: a Shauna, a second person, and a supervisor Eduard – all of which were unable to understand my problem.

    My problem: What I was not aware, was that Hervis had already charged my American Express card, so my mom in the U.S. paid that bill for me. Today, August 8, she received another bill from Hertz onto my master card (6930). Hertz now tells me that they sent a credit to the American Express card – this notice has not yet been received from my mother. The American Express card is still active as we have determined that my husband canceled a different American Express card. I am assuming that the credit to my American Express card should reach her any day.

    This is my dilema: Had I known that Hertz had already charged my American Express card (they did not tell me this!), I would have instructed my mother not to pay the American Express bill as a credit would be coming to the card from Hertz, making the balance due “0”. Now – there will be a credit to my American Express card of $481.99 – and I will not be able to go home where I use that card until sometime next year.

    Solution: Hertz must issue a credit to my Master Card for $481.99 and the credit of $481.99 to my American Express Card annulled. This should balance both credit cards out.

    Grateful you get back to me as soon as possible,
    Carol Hiegelsberger

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