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How to contact Amazon Customer Service

If a customer has any issue with their order placed on, then the first thing they can do is click on the contact us option given on the website. For this, you must be logged in to your Amazon account. If you have forgotten your password and can not log-in then you need to first reset your password to sign-in to your account. And if you have a problem with resetting your account password then you just need to call them directly on Amazon Customer Service Number- 1800 3000 9009.

There are various ways to get in touch with the Amazon Customer Service. 

Chat with amazon-

This option lets you chat with an Amazon representative directly from your Amazon account. This is the best way to solve some minor issues like tracking your order, or when you have an issue finding a specific product on the website etc. to start chatting with an Amazon representative you need to click on Chat with us option available on And within a few seconds, you will be attended by a representative. This is the most convenient way to get your problems solved when you are unable to talk over a phone call due to various reasons like when you are in a public place or when in restricted locations.  

Contact Amazon on Email-

Next option a customer can opt is to write an email to the Amazon customer service. This is the best way to contact Amazon when you have issues related to the warranty of a product purchased online. Amazon may ask you to send details of the invoice sent to you on your registered email. Therefore, when you need to send files to Amazon, you should email them. 

Contact on Social Media-

When a customer is unable to contact Amazon on its website, or when his issues are not being attended on the website, customers can directly message Amazon on its social media page. First, you need to search the official Amazon page on Facebook or Twitter or any other social media platform. Then either you can message them directly or can comment on Amazon’s recent post mentioning your problem. You can even tweet on Twitter about your issues and tag Amazon so that they can notice your tweet as soon as possible. It is most likely that a customer representative will get in touch with you shortly.  

On Phone Call-

A customer can also opt to talk with an Amazon Customer service on a phone call. For this, you need to select the required options related to your issue and then enter your phone number and click on the Call Me Now option. You will get a call in no time from a customer agent. You can also get in touch with the Amazon Customer Service on 1800 3000 9009 

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