The phone number of InterJet Airlines Customer Service is 1866-285-9525. This service number is for flight ticket sales or if you are planning to reschedule your itinerary. The number is a toll-free phone number for customers residing in the USA and Canada. For complaints regarding your flight experience with InterJet Airlines or suggestions, call the toll-free number 1866-285-8307 or write to the InterJet Airlines Customer Service at

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  • I payed to send my Grandson from Fredericton to Toronto and from there to Mexico city and then he was on the flight to Ciudad Del Carmen InterJet 40 2505 Confirmation code C5CG7V was suppose to leave on Mon 2019-07-15 and his returned flight to come back to get to Mexico airport so the flight was delayed so when he got to the airport his flight had left a hour before so he missed his flight from Mexico back to Toronto and when he got there again did not get on the flight so he was suppose to get into Fredericton at 10 o’clock in the morning and I was there waiting and he never arrived until 130 in the afternoon, my Grandson never had nothing to eat from the time he got to your airport with no money and for the delay never even offer him anything by the time he got back home he was so hungry and upset he was crying I am so angry with the way he was used the booking code is C5CG7V ticket was for Nicholas Vail 2505/19C,2510/24B and I would like to have a reply on this matter. I was the one who purchased his tickets.

  • Kathy Robinson says:

    My husband and I were to fly back to Mexico City from Cabo, and the flight was cancelled due to Coronavirus outbreak. We had to book another flight on United the next day. I would like to know how we can get a refund from Interjet or a travel voucher. The return flight was on March 20, 2020 from Cabo to Mexico City. My name is Kathy Robinson and my husband is Kenneth Robinson. Booking Number is: NDNFWQ

    I can’t get anyone to pick up by telephone.

    Thank you, Kathy Robinson

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