The phone number of Lufthansa Airlines reservations is +1-844-915-2138. This service center contact number is not only for the service inquiries but also for flight bookings and group booking. However, if you book your flight tickets directly from Lufthansa website, you get an additional $20 discount on each flight ticket booking. The customer service phone lines are available from 00:00 hours to 24:00 hours to assist you with all your questions. For hearing impaired customer, a different customer service number is available and you can dial the TTY phone number referred below. Information for other customer service phone number such as baggage inquiry, transport animals, online check-in etc the details is all provided

The Lufthansa Airlines reservations number is +1-844-915-2138 .One can utilize this number to get all his queries solved regarding flight delay, flight booking, seat modification, or any other sort of issues regarding the airlines.

Nowadays, people prefer to travel through the air because it saves both time and money. Airfares are reduced to the most reasonable prices, and people have started opting for flights even if they travel to the smallest of distances. Everyone’s motive is to travel in the shortest period, and hence they are no more choosing other forms of transportation.

Get Lufthansa Airlines Reservations Number

Lufthansa Airline is one such airline which has been consistently providing the best possible services to people for the most prolonged period. Established in the year 1997, it has its headquarters in Cologne, Germany and possesses a fleet size of 280. It has been covering over 220 destinations all around the world.

Lufthansa Airlines Reservations Contact Details

The Lufthansa Airlines customer service number or the Lufthansa Airlines phone number is available 24/7 to serve their clients. Irrespective of the issues faced by the people who plan to opt for their services, this airline never fails to satisfy its customers.

You can book your tickets from their extremely user-friendly website. Also, you can call up the Lufthansa Airlines booking number to gather all the necessary information regarding the flight ticket booking. Online booking to their tickets is extremely hassle-free due to the presence and efficiency of the website.

Lufthansa Airlines Reservations

For Lufthansa Airlines Reservations all you need to do is log in to their website, find the option to book tickets, insert the necessary information for booking and ultimately pay to procure your tickets without spending time in the queue for reservation. If you face any issues while online Lufthansa Airlines Reservations, you can call up their customer service number or the Lufthansa Airlines booking number to get the necessary guidance easily.

For Lufthansa Airlines Baggage enquiry you can call up their customer care number or visit the airlines help booth in the airport to file a report. Also, you can fill up their online form via their website as well for any issues arising in Lufthansa Airlines Baggage enquiry.

Regarding the Lufthansa Airlines cancellation policy and fee, if your tickets needed to be canceled, you can get a refund and also do not need to pay any cancellation charge when done within 24 hours after booking.

Lufthansa Airlines Contact Number

If the period is over, you have to pay a certain amount according to the Lufthansa Airlines cancellation policy and fee depending upon the price of your ticket. So if anyone plans to experience ultimate luxury by traveling with Lufthansa Airlines, they can entirely rely upon the Lufthansa Airlines reviews. The Lufthansa Airlines Reviews helps to provide an ample amount of information regarding all the aspects of their services and people’s experiences as well.

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  • Hello,

    I have a travel reservation for Saturday at 22.50, however, I wanted to confirm this information.
    I am a Nigerian citizen who is a Canadian permanent resident and I am flying to Canada. My flight is LAG – FRANKFURT – HOUSTON – EDMONTON.
    I do not have a US Visa and do not intend to go into the US; I am only connecting through the US. Kindly confirm that this will not be an issue.
    I would appreciate your prompt response.

  • i have a flight from Verona to Paris tomorrow, Sunday. When I try to register online, I am told there is a technical problem and that I should call 0899198004. That is not a valid number even when I try with the prefix +49. The US number is +1 8556353039. It appears to be answered by robots. It says “press 3 for customer service” but the response is Sorry this line is for reservations. I tried pressing 2 for changes but when I explained why I was calling, the relier hung up. Twice.
    It should not be. surprise that someone flying from Italy would be calling from there.

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