The phone number of Malaysia Airlines Customer Service is 1300-88-3000. The customer service number provided is the region customer service number. For details of all the Malaysia Airlines International customer service phone number, the numbers are listed in the table below. The Malaysia Airlines website provides a good amount of Frequently Asked Questions where you can find answers to common question such as incorrect name while booking, Golden Lounge related answers, know the baggage allowance or the weight limit and more. You can also get more information by getting in touch with them through their social media pages which is provided in the link on this page.

To reach out to Malaysia Airline, you can call 1-855-805-5447. As there are multiple customer service agents manning the customer service number, the wait time is quite less and the service is very prompt. All this helps in providing a world-class customer service experience. The customer service number is active 24*7 and in some states, it is also available during holidays.

Malaysia Airlines Booking and Reservations Number

The Booking and Reservations Number for Malaysia Airlines is 1-855-805-5447. The company goes to extreme length, to help its customers make an informed choice while making a Booking or Reservation. This boosts the customer’s morale as well as the company’s standing. Just like the Customer service number, The Booking and Reservations Number is also available day and night.

Malaysia Airlines Flight Changes and Cancellation Number

Malaysia Airlines has a very customer friendly cancellation policy. Malaysia Airlines also provides you the option to reschedule your flight in case there are any changes. The cancellation number for Malaysia Airlines is 1-855-805-5447. You can call them at this cancellation number any time you want. If a refund is initiated under four hours of booking, then 10% for the base fare will be refunded. Please note, the cancellation charges will also depend on the mode of booking.

Malaysia Airlines Baggage Fees and Policy

If you need information regarding Malaysia Airlines baggage fees and policy then its best to call them on 1-855-805-5447 . This number is the sure-fire way to get a hold of them if you need help.

Malaysia Airlines baggage fee is as follows:-

The class of cabins you chose when booking will determine your baggage allowance. If you are traveling Business Class then you can carry 50kg of luggage, if you are traveling the Economy then you can carry a carry on baggage that should not exceed 7kgs. 

Malaysia Airlines Reviews

In the review section of our website, you can read what customers think of Malaysia Airlines and get honest videos and reviews of the same.

ServiceMalaysia Airlines Booking Number
Malaysia Airlines International Number(603) 7843 3000
Phone Number Of Malaysia Airlines Around Malaysia1 (300) 88 3000
Contact For Missing Luggage Office(603) 8776 3733 / (603) 08776 3742
LocationMalaysian Airline Telephone Number India
Enrich (603) 5562 6330 +300 88 3000
Academy(603)7863 7500
Media Relations (603)7843 3000
MH Flight Simulator Experience (603)7840 2663 (603)7840-4369
Baggage Help(603)8776 3747
Cargo (MASkargo)(603)8777-1762
CountriesMalaysia Airlines Contact Numbers
Malaysia Airlines USA+800-5529 264
Malaysia Airlines UAE(971)4397 0250
Malaysia Airlines India91 11 4151 2101 / 2121
Malaysia Airlines UK+44 (0) 871-4239-090
Malaysia Airlines Singapore65 6336 6777
Malaysia Airlines France 0892 35 08 10
Malaysia Airlines Thailand662 2630 565 71
Malaysia Airlines Sri Lanka9411 2251 600
Malaysia Airlines Saudi Arabia(966)3 8091-089
Malaysia AirlinesGermany+49691387-1910
Malaysia Airlines Baggage
Malaysia AirlinesMedia
Malaysia Airlines Customer Care

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