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    Phone Number of Medco and Express Scripts customer service is 1800-282-2881. Find all the information with regards to Medco and Express Scripts such as Medco and Express Scripts discount cards, physician service centers near you, pharmacist services help, Medco and Express Scripts ePrescribe, find the customer service phone number as per your requirement mentioned in the list. Get other information such as links to their social media platforms and their official website.


    Medco Pharmacy Customer Service Phone Number

    • Medco Pharmacy ePresribe Customer Service1-800-411-1665
    • Medco Pharmacy Customer Service Discount Card1-877-733-6765
    • Medco Pharmacy Physician Customer Service Center1-800-211-1456
    • Medco Pharmacy Pharmacist Customer Service1-800-922-1557

    Medco Health Solutions Headquarters

      • Medco Health Solutions 100 Parsons Pond Drive Franklin Lakes, NJ 07417-2603 United States

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