The phone number of Microsoft customer service is 1-800-289-5502. Microsoft customer service offers a wide range of services that ranges from software support to hardware support. The support services are open 24/7 and available in multiple languages. Some of the common product services that Microsoft customer service are contacted for are Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft account, Microsoft Xbox, Microsoft Store, OneDrive, Skype, Microsoft Edge, Windows Mixed Reality, Microsoft Internet Explorer. Online help via their support website is also available where customer can check the frequently asked questions and resolve the matter on their own.

Microsoft™ is widely used throughout the globe for various applications as it offers a wide range of software programs. Microsoft™ is used from schools to hospitals and in every competitive industry. Its applications are so general and straightforward that even children can operate them very easily without any confusion.

Microsoft™ provides an updated version of their services to its customers. It is not only limited to software applications but also develops and sells consumer electronics, personal computers and also manufactures computer software’s which are the most installed or downloaded computer software program because of its quality and convenience aspect. They also provide various additional customer services which can be availed by using the phone number for Microsoft™.

Microsoft Customer Service Phone Number 1-800-289-5502

Microsoft™ office applications are the products of Microsoft™ cooperation which provides various programs that are user-friendly and are widely used.

1. Microsoft™ Word

Word was introduced on 25th October in 1983. It allows the user to write text on a plane spreadsheet. It is the most used Microsoft™ office application as it can be used in multiple ways to make essential documents such as drafts, certificates, articles, etc.

2. Microsoft™ Excel

Microsoft™ Excel features a spreadsheet which is used for calculations, formulating graphics, pivot tables, and can also be used in a macro programming language that is basic visual application.

3. Microsoft™ PowerPoint

It is a presentation program that provides attractive functions to its users. PowerPoint was designed for making visuals that are used for presentations and seminars in various business organizations and educational institutions.

4. Microsoft™ One note

Microsoft™ one note is an open application that is broadly used to gather information and for multi-user collaboration. It allows the user to collect audio commentaries and drawing. One note can be shared with other users through the internet.

5. Microsoft™ Outlook

It acts like a manager for its users as it’s the primary function is E-mail applications and also provides general web browsing and note making. The Microsoft™ Outlook also serves as a task and contact manager.

6. Microsoft™ Access

It is a system software and has Microsoft™ office suite as a part of the application. It is a system suitable for database management.

Microsoft™ publisher and Microsoft™ Vision are also widely used Microsoft™ office programs.

Microsoft™ offers other services to its user especially for electronic devices such as computer or laptops which operates on Microsoft™ Windows. There are various versions of Microsoft™ Windows starting from Windows 1.0 from 1985 to Windows 10 as off 2014. Microsoft™ keeps updating their services to keep them fresh in order to meet the growing need of their customers.

Microsoft Customer Support Phone Number

Installing Microsoft™ applications in your device is not a complicated process, as you can install it online or can even purchase it offline from stores or from the official Microsoft™ software website. The process of downloading Microsoft™ office is very different from the installation of Microsoft™ Windows. The process may also vary according to the device. The following steps highlights the most common installation process of Microsoft™ office:

  • Open Microsoft™ office portal and then log in (if you don’t have an account then sign in)
  • Then go to the top corner at the right side of the page and press “install office applications.”
  • Choose office 365, 2016 version or any version of your choice.
  • Then click the button of “save file” to start the process of downloading.
  • After following the above steps, wait for a while till the procedure completes and then log in at the application with an email address and the office 364 password.

The installation of Microsoft™ Windows should not be done online to prevent false and identical replica being installed into your device which will not be secure and can affect the performance of your PC adversely in the long run.

Installing replicas of Windows will be easy but can lead to data breaching in several cases. Always go for original and genuine Windows software to stay safe and protected.

For better guidance and more appropriate information, one can use Microsoft contact number customer service at 1-800-289-5502.

Microsoft Customer Service Number 1-800-289-5502

Errors are mostly unpredictable and unpreventable as they can occur due to program malfunctioning, by the users’ mistake, or due to the defect or issue in the respective device.

Some common errors of Microsoft™ applications are:

Error messages in Windows:

An error message is like an alarm that alerts the user about the problem that occurs and warns the user to take effective steps in order to safeguard the device from any damages. These error messages pop-up in the center of the screen in the form of dialog boxes, balloons or notifications. Sometimes the error messages are unnecessary and have a poor logic which must be ignored.

Microsoft™ office errors:

These errors are common in most of the Microsoft™ Office applications, such as;

  • Issues faced while sending a command to the program.
  • Corrupt word template which makes the respective Microsoft™ application to block the access to the particular document you want to open.
  • Malware and virus infections can cause errors in the accessibility of the file.
  • Sometimes the troubleshooting of the file issues can cause the program to crash.
  • The most common is an error while opening the file.

Basic initiatives to be taken by an error victim

Some of the basic steps that you can follow when you face an error are:

  • When you are working on your file and an error message pops-up, then don’t panic and take rash decisions as it might result in the misplacement or deletion of your file. Read the error message carefully and analyze what the main problem is.
  • After reading the error message, if the error is minor and can be solved easily by you, then troubleshoot the problem.
  • Do not ignore or make your own decisions when the problem or error is critical as it may cause the loss of your data.
  • If the error is critical and significant then immediately contact the Microsoft customer service and explain the service probably your issue regarding the specific error.

The role of Microsoft customer service

Every application has its own issues, doubts, and errors, hence it is also true with Microsoft™ applications. Errors are most of the times spontaneous and can occur due to the users’ mistake or by the malfunctioning of the particular application. Sometimes the errors might also occur due to the defect within the respective device. Some errors are quite simple to manage and can be solved by the users themselves. However, not all errors can be solved within a short period of time. To deal with such errors and issues Microsoft™ possess a special customer service team.

Microsoft customer service provides users with several facilities and assists the users when they are in need of help during errors and need a solution to their problems. Their services are user-friendly and solve issues regarding Microsoft™ applications very conveniently and effectively.

How to use Microsoft phone number customer service

There are numerous options you can opt for when you want to avail the Microsoft customer service by contacting them via available phone number, email address, support service, through company website, etc. However, Microsoft phone number customer service is more preferred and recommend due to direct interaction between the service provider and the user which will be very convenient for the user and can directly and clearly explain the issues to the service provider. Whenever you face any issue or want to clear your doubts or to inquire regarding any Microsoft™ products, then you can directly contact Microsoft customer service phone number 1-800-289-5502.

You don’t need to worry about the accessibility of the Microsoft customer service phone number as the Microsoft customer service phone number is always available 24/7 all around the clock even on the public holidays and will help you with any difficulties or queries you want to discuss.

Microsoft customer service phone number the USA and Microsoft customer support phone number

There are numerous Microsoft customer service phone numbers available so that the customers can get their issues fixed regardless of language and boundaries. There is a separate Microsoft customer service number for individual countries all across the globe. The Microsoft™ headquarters or the main office is located in Washington, USA. The Microsoft customer service phone number USA is 1800 102 1100.

Microsoft customer support phone number will give you full support and will give you the perfect advice which will help to dissolve your issue. Any issue regarding the error, difficulties in operating the Microsoft programs, confusion while choosing the Microsoft™ product, or for any queries you can connect and get in touch with the Microsoft customer support phone number. The communication with the Microsoft customer support phone number, will give you the benefits and the assistance that you may need concerning your Microsoft™ programs.

What are the services provided by phone number for Microsoft customer service?

Microsoft customer service includes a number of concepts and details that might help its users in most of the conditions.

1. Windows:

The service number covers the windows version and guides you with updates. They also provide information regarding concepts like; how to clean the drive space from Windows.

2. Microsoft office:

The support number provides services over almost all the Microsoft office applications that include:

  • Outlook
  • One drive
  • Word
  • Excel
  • Project
  • Access
  • Sway
  • Debel
  • Publisher
  • Share point
  • One note
  • PowerPoint
  • Forms
  • Visio

Their services include not only solutions for errors but also methods for how to install the particular programs, guidance for payment procedure, troubleshooting. And if you need, they can also train you on how to use Microsoft™ office applications.

3. Microsoft™ account

The users of Microsoft™ account may need to have some changes like re-setting the password or forgetting the password, sign in errors, change the way of payment or subscriptions. Well, the Microsoft customer service will guide you through all the needs for Microsoft™ account questions.

4. Xbox

The Microsoft customer support phone number will also update you about what’s new in Xbox. According to your preferences and their guidelines.

5. Surface device

The customer service also includes advice for surface devices like laptops and accessories, surface forum, and many more representing the requirements of the users.

The Microsoft contact number customer service also counts for;

Why choose Microsoft service phone number

The errors that we may face are uncertain because we will never be prepared for them. Not only errors but also there are certain factors on which we may get confused and could not make a conclusion or reach a particular decision. Microsoft phone number customer service comes to your rescue and gets you out of any trouble you may face in a systematic and organized manner.

  • Toll-free calls:

The contact number for Microsoft customer service is toll-free which makes it completely free of any cost for the customers to use. There is nothing to worry about while making a call to the customer service phone number as it is free.

  • Round the clock services:

The customers’ service phone number is always available for the service of the customers 24 hours and 7 days a week. You can contact the Microsoft service phone number from any place at any time as per your convenience.

  • Well organized team of experts:

Microsoft customer service provides a well trained, skilled, and experienced team of experts at your disposal to solve your problems. The experts are customer friendly and provide adequate information as per your requirements.

  • High-quality advice:

The Microsoft customer service have a well-organized team of advisors that guide and provide high quality advice which are extremely reliable. They offer the solutions in a simple manner so that the customer could understand the cause of the error. The customer service of Microsoft does not have a language barrier which makes it easy to access, regulate and to exchange views and opinions.

  • Incorporate a wide range of remedies:

The problems like errors or malfunctioning are not only cleared up by the advisors but also responses, supports, and guides the customers while selecting a device which suits users’ budget and according to their requirements. The support number not only solves the errors but also guides you to various issues and concepts. The Microsoft customer service and Microsoft customer service phone number is the best option to solve any issue or queries regarding the Microsoft™ applications.

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