The phone number of Opodo Customer Service is 44-20-7660-2215. Manage your bookings, modify your itinerary, check the status of our flight, cancel your bookings, online web login, pet transportation, etc, by connecting to the Opodo customer service. The phone lines are open 24 hours, for any travel update such as bad weather, immediately contact the Opodo customer service to postpone your booking or cancel your trip in advance.

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  • Hi

    Opodo booking reference 4645947750.
    We were supposed to travel 4 people in this bar, unfortunately one of us will not be able to arrive, request to cancel the flight ticket including a suitcase and the Maya Peled Hotel, the other three arrive as listed on the reservation. Please cancel passenger Maya Peled only, your approval and credits for her bargain costs.
    This application is under Flight Cancellation and Stay Policy No. 4645947750.
    Please your prompt treatment and approval for canceling one passenger and sending the tickets and approval of Hotel to Odeda Peled, Natalia Rona Peled and Sara Eshet Pinto. with gratitude’ odeda peled

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