Phone Number of PayPal customer service is 1800 419 9833. Find the contact information with regards to PayPal such as merchant service phone number and customer service phone number from the number listed below. Get answers to all your queries such as money transfer, transaction, and withdrawals, sending and receiving money through Paypal, etc. Get other information such as links to their social media platforms and their official help web page. For more support, you can directly get in touch with customer support via Twitter by using @AslPayPal and get the assistance. Support is available in Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish

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  • Hello,
    I was trying go to my paypal account, but dont have the phone number for the security text, since i recently changed to another phone number.
    Is there anything it could be done?
    Yours sincerely

  • Hello,
    I was trying go to my paypal account, but dont have the phone number for the security text.
    Is there anything it could be done?

  • Aerotek Inc says:

    Have been trying to speak with someone in customer service. Left phone number for a return call. Received two call from same number, but no one was on the other side. Attempted to wait on hold for a representative, but after waiting for 30 minutes decided to attempt something else.

  • Alvin M Takata says:

    Your customer service is worthless. Person I spoke with said she was sending me an email. Never received any email. My account info is very outdated and not worth trying to correct it. I am waiting for info on how to close my old account so I can open a new one. The only item that is correct is my email address, but for some reason your emails are never received on my end. I answered the security questions correctly but the screen prompt says answers are not correct. I know where I was born and my mothers maiden name.

  • Lester Nunez. says:

    I forgot my password and I tried several times to reset it. Trouble is via text is and old phone number, no longer in service. I used text to send me to code , entered it but it keeps defaulting to to the text number which is NO LONGER IN SERVICE. HELP!!!!!!


    Hola, he tratado de efectuar un pago desde mi saldo en paypal, a la empresa WISH y esto no ha sido posible , podrian explicarme que error estoy cometiendo? tengo saldo suficiente para pagar dicha compra

  • Good morning… I need to confirm why my money is not being approved since and still kept on hold.. Because I need to use the money that is why it was sent to me.. so I will really appreciate if I get a respond and know why its be kept on hold…

    • William Donahue says:

      There’s no point I have 200$ from an eBay item that I sold and the guy tried scamming me and saying it never showed up I even have tracking information and it says delivered and I’m not getting my money so fuck paypal

  • The customer service is the worst! It’s absolutely impossible to reach somebody over the phone, help center is USELESS!! It’s a big company, and I absolutely can’t understand why there is no customer service whatsoever!
    Don’t use this service! There is zelle, cash app, and others that will help you transfer your money quick and with no fee.
    This was my first experience with them and it was terrible to say the least

  • Jessica Ortiz says:

    I’m trying to call you pay pal and that number is not on service I’m been dealing with them since May 20 2020 and not solution to my problem cannot trust anyone

  • They took 30$ and won’t refund me and now they won’t release my payment to a package that was already release. Woooooorthless

  • Cynthia Ann Jones says:

    As soon as I can FINALLY resolve the FINANCIAL problems you’ve created by CONTINUING to withdraw my payments from THE WRONG ACCOUNT, I will be sWITCHING from Paypal to an ALTERNATIVE provider!

  • Sophie Gyuro says:

    I’ve been trying to speak to someone LIVE …a Live representative….not automated where it doesn’t help me anyway. I can’t even get through to this phone number 1-800-419-9833 not working.

  • Hi,I have the same problem.. I have the same email but not the phone ! I can’t remember those security questions because it’s probably almost 10years now and I never use my PayPal before ! Now I want to have my account but I can’t go through because I have now new number.. Please email me so I can give my new number.. Your customer service is hard to get in touch it’s always busy ..
    Thank you..

  • Dakota Mullins says:

    So why is this customer service here? I have problems with a transaction I had with a Chinese man. He speaks Chinese. Why isn’t my address changing and why does he still have my money? Nothing is getting solved right now.

  • William Donahue says:

    You guys can’t help a damn customer out for nothing and it shows how shitty of a company you are I got scammed when I sold MY PlayStation and the guy tried doing a return scam I EVEN HAVE TRACKING INFORMATION AND SCREENSHOTS OF THE DELIVERY AND YOURE SAYING IM THE ONE THAT ROBBED HIM GIVE ME MY DAMN 200$ AND UN BAN ME OR IM FILING FOR A LAWSUIT!!!!

  • I’m trying to get information on an order that was placed and paid through you. Money came out of my account over a week ago and I have not received order or any response regarding such.

  • Can’t reach anyone about my new card information. If you don’t contact me within a reasonable amount of time then I will delete my account

  • Kelly Hudspeth says:

    OH My GOD!! PAYPAL SUCKS! I will never use your service again! If someone tells me that I have to use your service or I will not get the merchandise I will absolutely 100% not get that item in order to never give you business! I cannot get a hold of anyone and your 800 number is out of service which is absolutely crazy. I will be calling the Better Business Bureau and filing a complaint. I hope I am not the only one to call the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint! PayPal has an old phone number of mine that has not work for the last 12 years. There is no way to get a hold of anyone to change the phone number so I can get a new password!!

    • Bobby Vasquez says:

      PayPal facilitated a scam for me to get $114 stolen from me. I filed a dispute and that has gone nowhere. I don’t see how PayPal’s still in operation?!?! I am going to take out tv ads, radio ads, billboards and social media ads denouncing PayPal as a den of thieves!

  • Patricia’ Scofield says:

    You over charged me twice on the same bill. Please call me or e mail me a number to call and speak with someone.

  • This PayPal really sucks !!
    I need please for someone to send me and email or gibe me a number so that I can contact and speak to someone LIVE !!!

  • Someone needs to start a class action suit. They side with these Chinese sellers that scam us out of our money. It’s a con ring.

  • Daniel irwin says:

    My name is Daniel Irwin I need to change my banking information my new phone number is 620-308-**** so how can I change my phone number with my banking account so I can start making payments

  • Today I received an email from PayPal stating that someone was trying to use my account. Login: Finland Browser:Opera… these are fraudulent… tried to call twice could not get through to any representative!!

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