The phone number of Qantas Airlines Customer Service is +1-844-915-2138. Deaf, hearing or speech impaired customers can dial 711 for TTY services. The customer service center phone number is the same for Canada, Mexico, and the USA and the phone line is open 24 hours, throughout the year. If for some reason, this customer service is not available/busy and you have got a text message regarding the flight change in timing, you can contact the Qantas Airlines customer service in Australia and immediate help will be available. The customer service phone number for the rest of the world is provided in the list below. For more information or queries with your flight, you can also contact Qantas Airlines via their social media pages.

People’s preferences over traveling are changing; everyone wants to travel in the shortest possible period and also in the utmost luxury. The only mode of transport that saves up time most effectively is flights. Due to such inclination towards opting airlines over any other modes of transportation, a lot of airlines are coming up.

Qantas Airlines Customer Service Phone Number

There is nothing like the old reputed airlines that have been there for the most extended period serving people efficiently. Qantas Airlines is one such airline company.

Working for over 30 years, founded in the year 1920 they now possess a fleet size of 131 serving over 85 destinations Qantas Airlines is a Sydney based company with immensely useful business protocols which led them to emerge as one of the best airline companies.

Qantas Airlines Phone Number

The Qantas Airlines phone number or Qantas Airlines Customer service number is beneficial in terms of guiding their customers and clients with queries regarding anything with flights and ticket bookings. The Qantas Airlines phone number or Qantas Airlines Customer service number is 022 6111 1818; this number is functional 24/7 so if you ever face any issue with the airline company you canal sways find help from them.

Qantas Airlines Reservations  

For Qantas Airlines reservations either you can call up this number to gather the necessary information, or you can log in their website to book your tickets.  

In their website, all you require for Qantas Airlines Reservations is to find the book tickets section, fill up the form with required information and pay to procure your tickets. You can also make necessary changes in your reservations from their website only.

According to the Qantas Airlines cancellation policy and fee you have to pay around $40-$50 as a cancellation fee depending upon your ticket price.

Qantas Airlines Cancellation Policy

Also according to the Qantas Airlines cancellation policy and fee you can get a voucher free after cancellation which you can use next when you book your tickets with Qantas. You can also call up your local Qantas airlines office to cancel your reservations easily.

Regarding Qantas Airlines Baggage enquiry you can call up their customer care number, or even check online for remedies. For Qantas Airlines Baggage enquiry the most straightforward way can be talking with their representative at the airport booth if you face any issues with your baggage ever. Or you can visit your local Qantas office as well. If you ever plan to fly with Qantas Airlines and are not sure about your decision, then Qantas Airlines Reviews can be of great help to you. Over Qantas Airlines Reviews you can get to know about random people’s experiences about traveling with the airlines which can provide you the correct amount of information about the company’s services.

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