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Relishing the Slice of Life in Spain

We all need a break from the tedious lives we lead to break the monotony. And the kids’ summer break is the best time to do so because not only you get to explore a new country but also spend some quality time with your family. Just like any other child, my kid was also after my soul to take him to Spain.

I decided to give him a surprise and acted to not go anywhere on vacation. He was all mad on me until I handed over the Delta Airlines Reservations ticket to him that I made on the Delta Airlines official site. Of course, his reaction was priceless and he hugged me in joy. I did my research and made a list of the top ten attractions and must-do activities in Spain. 


As soon as we landed in Spain we checked in to the hotel that I booked along with the Delta Airlines booking. “Soho Boutique Opera” had amazing service and hospitality. I asked the receptionist to help with a local guide for which the hotel was quite helpful and hired a Guide for us.

The Bull Race

The Bull Race in Spain

I had heard a lot about the famous Bull race in Spain and wanted to be a part of it. Though I know some people consider this as a stupid decision rather than a brave one but, I want to experience everything in life because,  YOLO. Tied the red scarf on the neck and wore heart on the sleeve I took part in the tradition. My family is quite supportive of my sport nature and cheered and clicked pictures while I was in the rat race. The experience of both fear and adventure was priceless. 

Costa Del Sol

Costa Del Sol In Spain
Costa Del Sol

What can be better than sunbathing and sipping on your Pina colada? It is much more relaxing than it sounds. I had a great time with my wife and kids on the beach as I played volleyball and also did some water sports. Now I understand why the sun in southern Spain is so famous. It gives you a vibe that is a lot more than just Vitamin D. 


Valencia In Spain

Just like the Bull race, the Tomatina festival has its own fan base. And my trip would have been half-done without getting into the tomato fight. It was a jollification with my family as we squashed the tomatoes and rubbed on each other. The fun ended with some classic martinis and mouthwatering seafood. 


Camino In Spain

I wanted to know the rich culture and history of Spain along with the fun and adventure for which I headed to Camino. It is a pilgrimage stretch of approx 800 kilometers. The churches and ancient monuments helped us know the history and learn about Spain. 

Guggenheim Museum

Guggenheim Museum

According to me, museums are the best way to know the culture, art, literature, music along with the history of any place. The architecture of the Guggenheim Museum is mind-blowing, which makes it a must-visit place. The best thing is that there are some exhibitions in the museum every now and then that helps in maintaining the interest of the people. 


After visiting I felt that everyone in Spain is simply happy and having fun maybe because that is the true vibe of the people there. My trip was amazing, indeed as nothing can be better than a relaxing vacation with your family. We were all set to back to our lives after a long trip as I had already made Delta Airlines bookings for our return as well. We did miss out on a lot of things because of the lack of time but we will make another trip to Spain with a good amount of time in hand to enjoy everything possible. 

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