The phone number of Safelink customer service is 1-800-378-1684. However, customers of Safelink should know that calls made to the Safelink customer service using their Safelink wireless phone are chargeable. The toll-free number provided is only for Non-Safelink customers who are contacting the Safelink customer service for a new connection. To avoid any call charges for Safelink customers, contact the Safelink customer service from a landline.

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  • Model number S557BL
    Part#: GPZEZ557BGB
    FCC SRQ-2557BL
    S/N 320286018827
    H/W: Z557BLHWV1.0 can I change my SafeLink to this phone? My phone has a cracked screen, from where I dropped it.Thank you,
    Rose Blanchard

  • My phone is not working. When I try to use it, the message I get is “Data services still initializing.” What is wrong? Please do not tell me to look in the owner’s manual as the box with the phone did not have one in it when I received the phone.

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