The phone number of Safelink customer service is 1-800-378-1684. However, customers of Safelink should know that calls made to the Safelink customer service using their Safelink wireless phone are chargeable. The toll-free number provided is only for Non-Safelink customers who are contacting the Safelink customer service for a new connection. To avoid any call charges for Safelink customers, contact the Safelink customer service from a landline.

One thought on “Safelink Customer Service

  • Model number S557BL
    Part#: GPZEZ557BGB
    FCC SRQ-2557BL
    S/N 320286018827
    H/W: Z557BLHWV1.0 can I change my SafeLink to this phone? My phone has a cracked screen, from where I dropped it.Thank you,
    Rose Blanchard

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