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  • Stergios Kolios says:

    Hello, my name is Stergios Kolios and i am from Greece. I am working as doctor in Finland. I have already tickets to Finland (from Thessaloniki) and my return (from Helsinki to Thessaloniki) was at 30.6.2019. The flight was through Istanbul and the return (Helsinki-Thessaloniki with Air Baltic). Today i received a mail from Turkish airlines that the departure has change and its from Istanbul to Helsinki is at 1.7.2019. So that means that i have to travel from Thessaloniki at 30.6 and wait at Istanbul airport about 24 hours. It doesn’t suit me.

    Unfortunately i cant flight that day because at 5.6 I HAVE to be already in my work at hospital in Helsinki. So they tell me to flight from Thessaloniki to Istanbul at 30.6 and next day (1.7.2019) from Istanbul to Helsinki. That schedule does not suit me.

    I HAVE to fly at 30.6. Do you have any suggestions? and of course i have to be back at 9.7.2019.

    The only solution from me is that i can flight from Thessaloniki to Helsinki at 30.6.2019 and return from Helsinki to Thessaloniki at 9.7.2019.

    Of course i need flight with same fly time and not flight that i have to wait over 5-6 hours. I need the same fly schedule because of my work at hospital.

    If you cant help me i need my money back and some compensation because that flight that i booked 3 months ago it cost me 253 euros and now if i have to book new flight it will be more expensive. So i need an answer as soon as possible because i have to inform my hospital.

    Also the return from Helsinki to Thessaloniki should be through Riga because i have already planed with my work.

    I have 2 suggestions to you:
    1) 30.6.2019 SKG Thessaloniki 12.20—-19.45 HEL with SAS and return 9.7.2019 HEL 20.50 with Air Baltic—-02.25 SKG Thessaloniki with Air Baltic

    2) 30.6.2019 SKG Thessaloniki 12.20 with Aegean Airlines —- 18.35 at HEL with Aegean and return 9.7.2019 HEL 20.50—- SKG Thessaloniki 02.25 with Air Baltic

    These are the only flight which suits me .

    PS: if you can see my mail that i send to you yesterday..it was the same cancellation from Turkish airlines to my next month departure (4.6.2019-11.6.2019). The same problem with Turkish airlines. As you see i am travel every month and i book tickets from supersaver. I am travelling every month cause i am doctor in Finland as i told you and i have a schedule in my hospital there and also i have booked hotel for these days. So i cant change my schedule.

    My suggestions to 4.6.- 11.6.2019 is:
    I have 2 suggestions to you:
    1) 04.06.2019 SKG Thessaloniki 08.10 —– 14.35 HEL with Aegean Airlines and return at 11.6 HEL 20.50 ——- 02.25 SKG Thessaloniki with Air Baltic

    2) 04.06.2019 SKG Thessaloniki 08.10 —— 14:35 HEL with Luftahansa and return at 11.6.2019 HEL 20:50 —– 02:25 SKG Thessaloniki with AirBaltic

    I HAVE to flight to Finland at:
    4.6.2019-11.6.2019 and at

    PS: So i have to flight from Thessaloniki to Helsinki and Turkish airline has changed the whole schedule. Who will pay me the hotel ? I NEED to flight the days that i wrote you the days that i have already booked my tickets 2 months ago. I am travelling every month to Helsinki and i always book tickets from Supersaver.

    I look forward to your answer to my mail: stergioskolios@hotmail.com

  • I have to cancel a flight with you guys. I had accidently booked a two way flight and I just needed a one way flight. I have called the airlines and they keep refering me back to you. Can someone please call me and help me with this situation as your phone line keeps hanging up instead of letting me talk to anyone. Thank you.

  • Thian Lian Koh says:

    Hello, I am Thian Lian Koh from Malaysia. I have booked a return flight for 4 persons from Helsinki – Reykjavik under booking number JRZD4I.
    In light of the COVID-19 outbreak, there has been multiple travel restrictions put in place by various governments. In the latest episode, Malaysia government has imposed a travel restriction whereby citizens are NOT ALLOWED to travel out of the country from March 18 2020 till March 31 2020. At the same time EU has proposed to impose non-essential travel restriction for incoming travellers.
    As such, my family members and I are unable to proceed with our tour to Finland and Iceland legally. Under this unforeseen circumstances, I am asking for a full refund as this is something beyond our control.
    Thank you.

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