Time Warner Cable was a former American cable television company that was ranked second largest in the United States by revenue following Comcast Communications closely. On May 2016, Time Warner cable was purchased by Charter Communications. Founded in 1962 as Television Communications Inc., Time Warner Cable provided service for 29 states. Its headquarters were located in Time Warner Centre in Midtown Manhattan, New York City.  

Time Warner Cable home security was well known for providing services in the digital phone industry, cable internet, advertising, etc. Prior to the purchase by Charter Communications, Time Warner Cable home security had an astounding amount of customers, with a staggering number of 14.6 million basic cable subscribers, 8.8 million digital cable subscribers, 4.5 million residential digital phone subscribers, making it fifth largest landline phone provider in the United States.

The Time Warner home security Customer Service 1-888-731-0904 offered remarkable 24/7 customer service to its users and subscribers all across the globe, before it was purchased by Charter Communications, with a different toll-free number for different states for the US. The company has around 90,000 employees working tirelessly to deliver high-quality services to every customer.

Time Warner Cable Customer Service has set up 9 different Time Warner Cable Phone Number, live chat option on their official website, 2 help forums, Facebook pages, and one twitter handle to let their customer contact the customer representative when needed.

If you cannot utilize the services provided by Time Warner Cable, you can always dial different numbers that are set up for different purposes. For example Time Warner cable home security Customer Service Number for different queries regarding login issues, connectivity services, you can dial 1-888-731-0904 and talk with a customer representative that can help you with your issues and accommodate with you services that you require.

For queries regarding billing purposes, you can dial Time Warner Cable home security Phone Number 1-888-731-0904 to talk with someone from the provider who can help you with your billing issues. Time Warner Customer Service also has a number that connects you with a representative when you need help with Home security services, and the number is 1-855-632-6060.

The toll-free number for Time Warner home security Customer Service Number for sales and advertising is 1-866-381-0512. The customer service number for all kinds of general queries, like billing, different packages, etc. is 1-888-731-0904.

The cable internet service of Time Warner Cable is now provided successfully by Spectrum (which is a trade name for Charter Communications) also has different numbers for original Time Warner cable customer and now provides a varied range of service in addition to the previous service by TWC.

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