Uber Customer Service. Find all the information regarding Uber Customer Service organization from the list mentioned below such as Uber contact phone number, their social media platforms, direct links to their Uber help web page, what to do when dialing their support numbers and live chat. Contact the numbers below if you are seeking help regarding Uber International number, emergencies, Uber payments, business travels, find cities and locations that Uber is available, rider complains, support with Uber app, etc. if you have any questions or share few comments then you can get in touch with the customer service via Twitter by using @Uber_Support.

Uber Customer Service Phone Number

  • Uber International Customer Service Number1-866-576-1039
  • Uber Emergency Contact Phone Number1-800-593-5994
  • Uber Support For Roadside Assistance (Accidents)1-844-326-5774
  • Uber Customer Service Fax Phone Number1-877-223-8023

Other Uber Customer Service Phone Number

  • Uber Headquater Technologies Customer Service1-855-23-7692
  • Uber Direct Support Helpline Number1-415-801-4068

Uber Headquarters

  • Uber,

    1455 Market St #400 San Francisco,

    California 94103 U.S


0 thoughts on “Uber Customer Service

  • William Vardeman says:

    I am a first time Uber user. Next Tuesday (5/7/2019), I am using Uber to take my wife to a hospital in Nashville for surgery. However, our pick-up point will not be our home address in Portland, TN, but at my work address in Gallatin, TN. Our pick up time needs to be 7:00AM to be at the hospital in time for my wife’s appointment. My question is, do I have to drive to the Gallatin location BEFORE I request a ride? I’m concerned that the Uber driver might arrive at the Gallatin location before I make the 18 minute drive from Portland. If I place my request from our home and the driver does not see us at the pick-up point, he/she may leave. Please advise. Thank you.

  • Joel Edmond says:

    I get charge $24.99 on 05/08/19. I did not call either use uber. My paypal account was being charge by uber. I want to dispute this charges.

  • Rodolfo A Palazzolo says:

    I do fine in scheduling Uber for the same day. However, I am leaving my home tomorrow for the air port but I want to reserve Uber today. How do I plan this?.

  • My Uber account has been hacked the person has been requesting 30-60$ Uber’s using my PayPal information. I need to put in a fraud claim immediately but there’s no one to answer a customer service line, really Uber!

  • My parents are elderly and do not understand how to use apps on their cell phone. Is there a way that they can set up an account and call a number to schedule an uber? They live in Pittsburgh. Thank you.

  • I had an Uber driver physically threaten me and threw me out of his car. He said the address destination was not in computer. So he pulls over on a desolate road and throws me out . I’m 65 yrs old I passed out thank to the next driver I’m ok

  • To avoid lawsuits, I think it would be a good idea to fix your help and/or app to reflect the fact that i can’t click on the “clock” to schedule a ride in advance because there is no “clock” to click on!

  • Hi I am being charge 600 dollars for a ride I did not call
    I am having hard time to get in touch with one of your customer service person
    do you want me to be your customer or not
    please get in touch with me in person My phone # 954 682 XXXX

  • Hi! I took requested Uber in the city may 31st The first ride got lost I’m not sure what happened I waited a long time so I canceled and requested a different ride. I was charged for both rides. They just took money from my account this week after 3 weeks? Really. I need to get this fixed ASAP it’s $180 so it’s not just a couple bucks. I’m trying to get in touch with someone and I can’t find any help. Thanks

  • Janet Waldeck says:

    I tried to set up an Uber account. Uber support sent to me 5 security questions to respond to. I responded. They said that my response to one of the questions is not consistent with their records, and so I am not able to set up an Uber account! I asked for them to help me and they simply apologized and said that I cannot set up an Uber account.

  • My name Kesete I use Uber on red rocks Colorado on 08/28 /2019 the driver was rude he talk me and my wife fuck You and cheap

  • This is fake no. All no. Are not working credited from account but no. Response all no. Even customer care no. Is also not working it’s totally fake……
    Dont order…. Plz request to all don’t order from this no. It will debit ur account and will get no response….. Be alert…. Be alert……. Be alert……. Be alert…

  • Davidney Mondesir says:

    You’re really serious Uber i called a uber the guy asked me where im going today i tell him to New Jersey the place is 50mns away and he canceled the ride and Uber fucking charge me $51 i dont know what kind of agency you are so please try to do your best to give me my money back ok that’s a fucking shiet i’ll never use that shiet Lyft is better

  • I have lost my mobile and black jacket in the uber cab on 7.10.2019 at 1.30am while coming from Bangalore Airport to residence Vidyaranyapura .I don’t know the cab no but the cab make is TIOS GREY .The mobile is traced with the car.Help me to retrieve the same.Thanks

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